Friday, July 27, 2007

My Faithful Friends

I Think that this may be one of the last few posts here. I have become hooked on the new and cooler phase of... Facebook.

Don't worry, it'll be uncool in a couple of years time, and then blogs will be fun and great again.

Just wait.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm free

Semester one is over for this cat. Good luck to everyone else!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm on youtube!!

For all those out there who still read my blog! I am on youtube.

Now that I'm famous (I'm on the internet!!) I'll try and post more of my famously famous exploits.



Sunday, April 01, 2007

Free Broadband!!

This is amazing!!

And it's from google, so you know it's gotta be true ;)


Saturday, March 31, 2007

Still Catching Up

Mmmm... I'm just looking at my last post and saw that it says I'm playing catchup.

I'm still playing catchup :)

Uni is great, but I just haven't been able to go to everything. I'm the kind of busy that smears time, so I'm perpetually confused when someone tells me it's actually friday when I thought it was monday. Luckily I haven't yet got to the point where I don't actually sleep... then it gets all blurry looking as well as feeling like I'm living three days at once.

jk. It's not really too bad, it's just that I can't believe that it's the mid semester break after next week. One class of mine I still haven't been to, but it's not entirely my fault, I swear :P

Hope everyone else is going well, if you get some spare time cook me some dinner and send it to me via express post. Yummay!


Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Year ey...

Hey all... It's a new year innit... I suppose I should come back and say hi.

I'm back at uni, playing catchup :S however it's the kind of catch up that's really quite stimulating. I'm doing three subjects this semester - Jazz & Pop Workshop, World Music and Composing for Digital Environments. Awesome stuff in all three subjects so far. I feel inspired each week. Composing for Digital is really starting to grab a hold on me - it's more about programming, and this kind of programming I can really dig :)

Been challenged in so many ways over the past month or so, but it's been a good few weeks. I'll be having my 21st Birthday party (Yeehah :D) in a couple of weeks, you all better be there. I won't accept any excuse that isn't accompanied by a Doctor's Certificate.

Hope that everyone out there is going well, and if you know me, or are in the Coopers Plains area on the 24th, you're invited to my bash - the invite is included below. (I think if you click on it it'll take you to a bigger copy...)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Weird Tale

Hey Guys,

I know I haven't been here for a while, but more shall be coming soon. I'm back at uni and bad as ever. Well, kinda. I'll be back to normal entries after I post this story.

I'm posting this because I had an extremely weird experience the other day. I was working in my cubicle, when suddenly a Fed Ex wallet landed in my mailbox. I was puzzled, as Fed Ex doesn't deliver to my office, let alone deliver to Australia. However I opened it, to find an old flick-style phone. It started ringing as soon as I took it out of the wallet.

"Hello, Luke" A deep, sonorous voice greeted me before I had a chance to answer. "We've been watching you for some time. I need you to go to the window".
I followed his instructions without even realising, and before I knew it I was standing next to an open window on the 45th floor of our building.
"Look underneath the ledge, Luke," Said the voice. I leant over the ledge and glanced underneath - scrawled were the words: "". Just then a gust of wind came along, whipping the phone out of my hand and nearly toppling me out into the abyss.

I clambered back in, said "Stuff this..." and went back to work.

Don't ask me what it meant... twas just weird!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

First Draft

Hey all,

Here's an entry into a competition that I've been working on for a few days - tell us what you think, any critiques etc etc - I'm not entering it until next month so there's time for some tweaks :)

The competition asked for a 30 second visual representation of Triple J, so I made them a commercial.



Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I had the weirdest dream last night. Help me decipher it:

I came home to the apartment to find most of it packed up, as it will be, because mum & dad are taking us on a small holiday later on this week (In real life we'll be going on a holiday from the 23rd to the ...1st I think down to the G Coast) but I was kind of miffed at not having anything to do, so I left.

I was walking along the road, next to the airport. I was supposed to meet the president of the USA aboard air force one for some reason. What I didn't realise was that a) I was late, and b) Planes now carried large semi-molten rocks beneath them for heating during the long flights. These rocks were tethered to the plane by a large rope, which tended to break alot because pilots weren't used to taking off with these rocks yet and tended to bank sharply upwards on takeoff, thus stretching and snapping the ropes.

So I was walking along, and I saw Air Force one take off. However, it banked too sharply on takeoff, and my shock at seeing my meeting with the President go up in the air quite literally was taken over by seeing a fourteen tonne molten rock the shape of a bottle cap come hurtling towards me out of the sky. I let go a bloodcurdling AAAAAARGH and started to stumble away, paralysed by fear. The rock landed and then tumbled towards me even more, slowing down metres from me, and finally coming to rest so close that my hands were burnt on it. Some security guards pulled me out from under the rock.

I asked them why did planes do that? They answered that they just did, so get used to it. Get used to it? I cried, Get used to molten rocks dropping from the sky?!?!

So I went back home, and composed a song about it. It went like, "Planes shouldn't carry, rocks, up into the sky, oh no, especially not when they're, on fire, oh no..." and so on. I even remember the chord progression. E (high) .... E (high)/B, E (low) etc etc...

Then I woke up to a phone call.

Weird huh?


Monday, December 11, 2006

Good reading

Monday, December 04, 2006


This is why you should never be distracted while chopping beetroot:

Before Happy Feet the movie there was...:

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Well the 150th post came and went with a bang. Well, more of a snip & a scream. For those of you wishing to do similar things, I used Adobe Premiere Elements, a few classical albums borrowed off my brother (Concerto in A minor - Grieg, and Overture of the Barber of Seville - Rossini), a few sounds found on, and a bit of creative time-stretching. Stay tuned for some more movie madness later on.

Today I just came back from a wedding. It's the first wedding I've been to both the ceremony and the reception, twas wonderful. It was a morning wedding, ceremony at 9:30 and reception at 11. I have alot of video of the ceremony, a few pictures from the reception, so I'll put them up here:

A few artsy type ones:

All photos are taken with a 3.2megapixel phone camera. Only the first photo had any photoshopping done, and that was just to sort out some lighting issues.

More interesting were the photos from the bucks party two days ago :D We doused him in honey, rolled him in sand, and then when he washed himself off we drew all over his chest and back, and then shaved his legs creatively - one had racing stripes, the other had rings.

Then we found fun things to put in the fire to blow up... hehehehe... None of the guys have deodorant cans left in their cars. Don't worry, we'll get some more soon, and we didn't do anything too dangerous - one guy had some butane cans in his truck, but we vetoed that one.

The movie is us putting a full can of lynx phoenix on the fire. Quite poetic when you think about it...
Seeing this bucks party and hearing what guys threatened to do as revenge at the next person's wedding makes me wonder if I should seriously consider celibacy...


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Thursday, November 23, 2006

1 -- 5 -- 0

This isn't the entry into the film competition, but I think everyone in Brisbane will be quite shocked nevertheless :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

149th Post

Well I deleted one of the duplicate Salmonella posts, and so now this is the new 149th Post!! Which means I get to say hi to everyone, I hope exams are going well, especially if it's your last exam for the year, or even ever :)

Just for fun I'm chucking in a random Godson picture:

Heheheh... Good on ya Elijah. Which reminds me... Jess could you email me yours and Kye's mobile numbers? In fact, could everyone out there email me your mobile numbers? It's just that my mobile had to be put into be repaired suddenly, and I didn't get the chance to backup my Contacts :-( To email me, just send it to l2.harris[at]

I think I'd also like to include some random video, just as a bumper 149th edition of my blog. The 150th will hopefully have that video I'm trying to enter into a short film competition.

There have also been some new additions to the Links part of my page - a few new friends and a few redirections to various parts of the world. Feel free to check them out.

Here's some more random cuteness, if Elijah hasn't made you smile :)

This is just a little video of a Mummy panda and a Baby panda.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I am busy

I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
All your base are belong to us
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff
I am busy with uni and stuff

On a serious note, my 150th post is coming up next post, so I'm planning a video blog. Thanks everyone for periodically checking in though, you make me feel spesh :)


Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Salmonella are swimming upstream

I cut up a beautiful rockmelon yesterday, put it all in a tupperware container.

Then just tonight I find this news story:

So yeah. I'm wondering whether to eat it or not...

I think it's okay, while I was cutting it open I had a few pieces and I haven't died yet :)


Friday, October 27, 2006


Okay. People have been clambering and clawing at me for another post. So here it is.

I found this site on wikipedia :)

Kilt Day


Look how many beers this kilt can fit in its pockets


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just a Taste...

Okay. So Luke has no time to post, you may have noticed that :)

Below is just a taste of what I've been spending my time on. Ben, Isomorphic composition is something that I'm thinking about - I don't think many people are doing it, but this is my first example of it. What's isomorphism? Go to Wikipedia! I'm basically just writing a piece of music using the heuristics and stuff of a written essay. I want to see you play this when I get up to Cairns on the 11th of November!!

If you would like the audio file, Click Here (Only available until 4/11/2006)

The Video Blogging will continue when I get time to act on some of my ideas.


Monday, October 09, 2006

The end of an era

My computer has died. I have no pictures, no video, no nothing to show for it, mainly cos I'm running off a loaner at the moment.

The story goes, I tried to install a much bigger hard drive. 320gb to be exact. This would give me wonderful amounts of space to provide you, my reading (and viewing) public, with some very tasty video treats. However, during the installation of this new drive, everything was going well when suddenly... my computer refused to boot.

Tried everything, tried putting everything back to normal, nothing worked. Kaput. Sadness ensued. However the next day pete came to the rescue with a loaner desktop. So we sat around the place while I copied the image of my old hard drive onto the new, and everything went fine. Perhaps it was just the old computer's time to go.

So yes. I hope to have a replacement soon, but we shall see, my faithful readers and viewers... Who knows what the future may bring?

We shall see.


Friday, October 06, 2006


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Coming Soon...

Adoxography 2.0 coming soon

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Night Time Picnics

The holidays are over, marked by a beautiful ceremony held down in Mowbray park with four members of the 100 acre wood gang. Red Rooster, accidental wax drips, tree climbing and happy bruises all contributed to a great night had by all.

Spoke at church, went quite well, but thanks so much to Tim Fawsett for worship leading - was such a good worship service.

Mmm I promised Tiph that this blog would get more interesting, cos it's really not at the moment. So here's a copout, cos I'm tired. Here's some "God Speaks" quotes from a billboard in Cleveland, Ohio.

Let's meet at my house Sunday before the game - God
What part of Thou Shalt Not don't you understand? - God
We need to talk. - God
Keep using my name in vain, I'll make the rush hour longer. - God
Loved the wedding, invite me to the marriage - God
Will the road you're on get you to my place? - God
My way is the highway - God
Need directions? - God
You think it's hot here? - God
Do you have any idea where you're going? - God
Don't make me come down there... oh wait, that's right... - God


Saturday, September 30, 2006

Does God want us to be rich?

I found this on another website, it's quite... interesting to say the least!


As the other guy said on his blog, the short answer is, No. The long answer is, feel free to be rich, but don't store up treasures here on Earth. Use them wisely to build up treasures in Heaven.

Does anyone know anything more about J Creflo Jnr? I've seen his program once while I was up late... weird stuff :) Also the Chaser's war on everything made fun of them recently, go to to have a look at their take on things.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trust, and other misused verbs

Hmm well I had a post ready to go but it was lost when my computer had to be logged off :S:S:S

Anyway it's been fun writing the sermon - there are just some passages which are more than just exciting to delve into... they really click things into place in your head. That's what I love about learning, and probably why I want to be a teacher - I like to see things clicking into place in people's heads. My friend suggested that that's a reason to become a Neurosurgeon, not a teacher.

We had the ball on Saturday night, and it actually went really well, thanks to improvisation from all when it came to decorations and the actual order of the night. Thanks to the entire committee - I was only a very small part and you guys were great :) I did however enjoy being french.

I hope everyone's holidays are going well - I've somehow, through no effort on my part, managed to catch up with 7 Cairns friends in the last 3 days - Sunday saw the catch up with Vinny, Jono and Paul, (although Jono and Paul live in brisbane now) and then last night the boys from the band Sleeping in Trains were over at our place, messing things up and just having a good time.

It has been an interesting past two weeks though, looking at them in summary. I've gotten alot closer to friends of mine who helped organise the ball, I've discovered that our church's basement is perhaps the most eclectic collection of ...stuff to grace a church I've ever seen. I've stayed up til the wee hours trying to say goodbye to people but then landing on another interesting tangent of conversation. I've run into old friends, I've made alot of money, I've spent a little of it, I've bought a box filled with small paper flowers. I've climbed through dungeons with an intrepid young lady, ventured to hillside parks with friends, conversed about the subleties of eating a KFC two piece feed and laughed about dodgy movies. I've composed new songs, I've written stories, I've had flashes of brilliance, moments of incredible stupidity, I've laughed alot. I've relearnt to laugh at my own failures, to embrace others through theirs, to stand up against sin rather than let it walk all over you, to trust God through all things. I've admired friends for their perseverance, their character, their fortitude and their steadfastness.

I think, however, that the last four nights of not enough sleep is taking its toll... I've started sleeping on trains (haha, pun) and I've been in need of more and more coke to get going during the day. Perhaps my holiday isn't so much a holiday, but a - mergh I don't know what word I'd use, perhaps a german word - thing-that-creates-need-for-recovery. Thus holiday really isn't a well used verb at all. Holiday means respite, a holy day for recovery. Yet now my holidays are the complete opposite. I think this is what Jesus was trying to talk about when he blasted the religious guys about the sabbath - it was intended as a day to let aside everything and focus on God, but it turned into a day where you spend the day trying not to tread on God's toes - in effect they had turned the day into a day where you tried to avoid God.

So perhaps I need to cut back from a few things that aren't essential, and focus on actually relaxing. I'll take an afternoon nap, go and have a cup of tea and read the newspaper in the botanic gardens or something like that. I just need to regain my use of another misused verb - Trust. I just need to trust that the universe will keep on going without me, just for a few hours. Unfortunately, that'll have to wait for tomorrow, as I'm at work at the moment :)


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Support Appreciated

Thank you to those of you who came last night to my Escape performance - it went really well! Your support is much appreciated.

Hmm... there's one other thing I'd like to ask your support for though - on October the 1st I'll be preaching for the first time at my church. So if you're not doing anything it'd be great if you could be there, but more importantly if there's any among you who reckon you're alright at reading the Bible (coughMattcough) would you swing me an email at l2.harris[AT] and I'll send you a draft copy of the sermon to look over.

Just so that you guys have stuff to comment about - how was everyone's weeks, and what have you got planned for the mid semester break? Chris, maybe tell us a little bit more about Outbreak - and I'm definitely waiting for a full writeup of how it went after you come back :)

For all you one eighty-ers, what've you got planned for your school hols? If you're going on outbreak, have fun!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Come one! Come all! Come... anyone?!


Hello out there.

If you live in Brisbane and aren't doing anything from 7-8pm tomorrow night, that is the night of Wednesday the 20th of September 2006...

Come to Escape! I will be rocking out on the drums at the Creative Industries Precinct at QUT Kelvin Grove. It's free, but don't let that deter you! Come and see the amazing antics of the QUT music faculty.

Yes Aaron, QUT's music is good. No, UQ's is not superior :P

Come along!


Friday, September 15, 2006

Punk Cabaret Is Freedom

Heysa All :)

Just got home from the Dresden Dolls' gig - which I walked out of and went into the brunswick st mall and caught the end of Regurgitator's set!!

Twas a brilliant night. Myself and Aaron arrived at the Arena at a ridiculously early time for a gig to start (darn all ages gigs... but it was fun getting out and it only being 10pm) and we were first of all entertained by a guy named Jason Webley. Who would have thought one man with one accordion could be so entertaining... he was a great act, working the crowd with finesse. At one point he had the entire dance floor (yes they were the under 18's) twirling around in a circle to create the effect of being drunk.

The second act was the zen zen zo physical theatre people, it was really cool, with a musical act being accompanied by about 10 whitewashed actors ... well dancing of sorts in their spot on the dancefloor. Anyway it kinda defies description... hypnotically beautiful though.

The third act was The Red Paintings, which was hugely visually integrating. For those not in the know, it's a five piece band with guitar/vox, bass guitar, drums, cello/vox and violin. These guys are dressed up outrageously, with them all dressed up in traditional japanese kimonos and stuff. Down the front of the stage, they have painters they know painting on huge canvasses while they play, and behind them they have a giant projection screen showing apocalyptic images. However, even with all the visuals, some of their sound went a bit awry. I quite liked it all, but perhaps not all their songs held my focus and perhaps jarred a bit. That can be good, but tonight not everything worked well for them.

Then, [sigh], the Dresden Dolls came on. I had been anxious to see how two people with three instruments (piano + vox, drums) could create any semblance of the large sound on their records. They didn't let me down, and exceeded all expectations - a wonderful mix of dynamism in their physical communication and a beautiful mix. Even through my -25dB perception (musician's earplugs) it rocked my world. Towards the end the longer and slower songs took its toll on the excited crowd and the concentration wavered, but they brought the focus back with a sneaky encore with Jason Webley. Overall, left me feeling excited about taking over the world. Just on a random note (although their musicality is in some ways similar...) I can't wait til Muse tours next.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth

So. Over the past post or so, we've seen a bit of a reaction about worship in the realms of vocal congregational worship. Just for this post, let's put aside the other aspects of worship (not permanently hopefully!) and focus on our views and opinions about the whole thing.

I guess I should start by saying that there has been alot said that I think could be relegated into the realms of personal taste (but that's just my personal opinion ;) ). Like, yes, I personally would love songs to take it to the next level - with Hillsong and Planetshakers it's fast becoming an annual album for a conference deal while the quality of songs gets left in the dust. I also agree that the words used and chordal patterns in many songs are getting old

However, I thought it best to recognise that we cannot move on without leaving certain things behind - by that I mean that some people do really appreciate old hymns - much more so than anything produced in the last forty years. The oldies at our church are silent right up until you pull out "What a friend we have in Jesus" and then they'll bust out with all of their frail lung capacity. It's quite humbling really, some of them sing louder than the teenagers.

And to completely discount Planet Shakers would be as ludicrous as saying that Pop music has had no impact on the musical community at large. I know many people really like Planetshakers stuff, even if the songs share not only structure but chordal basis and timbral mix. I know heaps of people enjoy singing "Jesus is my boyfriend" songs even though I personally am with Frost on this one, I don't like 'em at all.

I'd also like to say that although some words have been used to death, singing them still does resonate within me. Keith Green wrote "Your grace abounds unto me" - a phrase using old grammar but which says it so clearly still. One of my favourite songs is "As the deer". I mean, it's straight from scripture, but it still uses the word "panteth" :) Gotta love it.

Anyway. What my question is to the community at large, and please feel free to make long comments, do you feel there is a way forward which takes in all the diverse cultural, denominational and personal tastes of Christians today?


Monday, September 11, 2006

A few good reads

Here's a few good links thanks to Matt :D

I'm lucky I was bored otherwise I would have never stumbled upon these gems - I recommend reading at least this one: Link even if you're not bored :D

Also visit for some interesting left-winger kinda stuff. It's especially good if you think that Christianity should extend beyond the borders of the church and into things like environmentalism etc.



Well, kinda.

Yes, it's true, I have the next three weeks off, but that's only because I'm in the music faculty. I have to come into uni for three days out of the next two weeks to practice for...

---| ESCAPE |---

Yes. I have emphasised its importance through the cunning use of Ascii characters. Escape is the annual showcase for QUT music and sound students. I've been asked many a time what I'm doing for escape, and the answer is... complicated. I started off having composed this kinda nice ethereal piece (we were supposed to do some kind of computer piece) but then we were asked to perhaps make it meaner. So we went the whole hog, and the climax of our piece has my partner in crime/music hitting his guitar with his cast (he broke his arm recently) and screaming into the microphone. We're trying to just go over-the-top with mean, angsty hardcore stuff. Hopefully i'll have a video of it to upload once it's performed, so keep checking the blog.

Until then, I'll keep adding my own brand of witticisms and thoughtful thoughts.


Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm so proud...

I'm so happy, this is my new baby:

Yes, I'm the proud owner of a Studio Quality Mic... Finally!

I stopped by the public trustee auctions this morning and had my first real auction experience. Twas great - there's so much good stuff, just never enough money :)

I won't mention any figures, but I snagged my new mic for about half the price it would be on ebay.


Monday, August 28, 2006


27th August, 2006 - a day churches in SE QLD set aside for prayer for rain.

From -

Showers increasing in QLD and NSW
By Tom Saunders
August 28, 2006 12:00 EST

Showers over southeast QLD and northeastern NSW increased to rain early Monday morning. Brisbane picked up 20mm, 15mm in 30 minutes. This is their highest daily total in 2 months. They also had their highest August minimum temperature in 26 years. A few thunderstorms have also been occurring. A trough is developing further and this will help cause heavier showers and thunderstorms on Monday afternoon and evening and on Tuesday on Monday and Tuesday. Parts of southeast QLD and northeast NSW are likely to receive daily falls above 20mm. Showers will also extend further west and south, reaching about Roma and Sydney by Monday night. A second, broader upper trough will maintain showers in the region on Wednesday and Thursday with falls possibly extending to the western plains of NSW and up the QLD coast to around Mackay. Cumulative falls from Monday to Thursday should exceed 50mm in at least some parts of southeast QLD and northeast NSW. Some flash flooding is likely.

Funny, huh? ;)


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No Sleep = Work Gets Done

I ran into some of you today, and some of you last nite, but for me it's been the same day. I didn't end up sleeping last night after Nightlife, as I had a presentation due the next day and everything I had ready to go didn't seem good enough. So I put one of my ideas into the computer, recording various sounds from my keyboard and had it to a point where I was like, this is okay, but then I realised that it just wasn't right. I wanted it to be better.

So I got on my bicycle at 1am in the morning and rode to QUT. Therein I went to the studio where a security guard was nice enough to let me in even without a booking, and I had 5 hours to record real piano, drums and timpani (tympani?) for my piece.

I didnt' get time to do vocals, but vocals never sound great after you've been awake for more than a day.

Without further ado, I present the half finished, half as long as I'd like to be version of 'To Earthward'. The drums are semi-okay, I think I need to go back and mic the snare closer and get rid of some of the room mic, and the structure of the piece lends itself to a much longer piece. The lyrics haven't been recorded yet, but when the song's done I'll be in touch with you guys.

Luke's Purevolume Site

P.S. for those who were wondering, the time signature's a rolling 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 6/8 pattern. If you add those numbers up it's pretty simple, with each verse being the equivalent of four bars of 6/8.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Flip Side

Here's an interesting link I stumbled across in the big bad web, it contains a very small amount of swearing but some interesting viewpoints:

16 Common myths about atheists

What does everyone think?


Monday, August 21, 2006

Proposed Changes

I propose that I delete the links to 'Solve this trolley mystery' and Ryan's blog - Ryan's a dead link and Wentworth hasn't updated in like... 10 months. That's beyond the reach of even the update song.

Any objections?


Brain is AWOL

I'm so tired and my knee is buggered.

Tired from mens camp from such things as running, jumping and woodchopping. My knee does this from time to time, a tendon or something gets out of place and hurts like anything for a little while. Should be okay by wednesday. I hope it's okay... otherwise I'll become unfit again :)

Cool video of something I'd like to be able to do one day, that is, parkour (just look in wikipedia if you want to know what it is, it'll be ages before I can do half the stuff this guy can do) - :

Um... Is that enough tidbits for today?

Maybe not. Um, a couple of really cool guys at uni today were just telling me all about their new studio... man it sounds awesome. Each of them took out a $10k loan, and they've got a heap of really awesome gear. 4 screens of pure recording beauty. Anyway, it might just be beautiful to me. Makes me really anxious to get my own little one. A laptop, that is.

Oh and also, on the weekend I became a godfather :) It feels, honouring, and a bit exciting. I mean, I'm gonna have an input in Elijah John Nichols-Tansen's life... Yeah, some of you might find that scary, but I reckon it'll be cool.

Anyway, hope things are fine and dandy for everyone.


Thursday, August 17, 2006


Okay. So apparently when dealing with guitar pedals and a parallel PSU, all you need to worry about is if the PSU has enough ampage to deal with the total draw of all devices.


My mind's just gone blank, I'll write more later.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Does anyone know?

Hmm... does anyone out there in blogland know, or know anyone who could tell me how to equally distribute ampage over a serial power connection, or does it automatically do it?

I'll try and research but if someone could just talk me through it I'd understand alot better :)

***STOP PRESS*** I've just been researching for awhile... shows how long I haven't done any electric stuff for - I was thinking of a parallel connection :)


Monday, August 14, 2006

One for the Girls

I just had a conversation with a friend named Amy online about the differences between Girl's and Guys preparation for events like formals or stuff:

Ammah says:
yeah... silly boys clothes are always easy

Luke says:
boys formal day - spent swimming
girls formal day - spent in hairdresser and makeup

Ammah says:
Thats like the wedding day: Guys - wake up 1 hours before hand... maybe half an hour... girls.... have been up for 10 hours before they get to the church!!

Ammah says:
Why are we so hard to beautify???

Luke says:
nah the way I see it is that girls are already beautiful
an artist once said that the hardest part of a painting was refining it from beauty to perfection
that's all a girl it doing, and it takes ages
guys just don't really care if they're beautiful or not, and girls, being the forgiving creatures they are, accept us

Ammah says:
hahah, I like your theory!!!!

Heheheh... Some serious 'awww' factor goin on there...


Shark Fin Soup

So I had Shark Fin Soup at Yum Cha at Saturday lunch. I have no ethical dilemmas with it, but apparently aaron does :)

Here's an email he sent me.

Hey there
Check this out...if its no good for Yao Ming, then its no good for you. So
say no to the fin!!!

See ya
Well obviously now that Yao Ming has said no to it, I'll have to as well. Actually I'm more likely to say no to it due to its $18 price tag... and that's just for normal! If you want the double braised shark fin it was $60. ...Ouch.